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What’s changed with how sexual assaults are investigated?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Things look a little casual at Milwaukee City Hall on Wednesday, April 23rd. But the reason behind all the denim is anything but casual.

“We are wearing denim because of the international movement called Denim Day,” said Dawn Helmrich, Denim Day organizer. “Due to a woman in Italy who was raped by her driving instructor. And when she took the case court to the highest judge overturned the case, saying that because she was wearing very tight jeans, and she had to remove them, it made it consensual sex.”

In protest, jeans were worn on Wednesday.

Four years ago, Helmrich brought Denim Day to Milwaukee. Sharing her own survivor story and organizing this day are just a few reasons why Milwaukee awarded Helmrich with a special honor.

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Barrett: “We disagree” with Commission’s ruling on streetcar

MILWAUKEE (WITI) – The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has ruled the city of Milwaukee cannot make utility companies pay to move underground lines for the proposed downtown streetcar system.

The ruling, if it stands, would force the city to approve more money to pay for the project.

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works commissioner told the Milwaukee Business Journal he estimates the city will need to find $20 million more to move the private underground utilities if this project is to move forward — though that estimate is not definite.

The Milwaukee Business Journal says much of the Public Service Commission’s decision is based on an item the Wisconsin Legislature included in the budget it approved last year.

That item prohibits Milwaukee from forcing private utility companies and their ratepayers to pay utility relocation costs for the streetcar.

The city is likely to appeal the PSC decision in court.

If El Niño returns, what does it mean for us?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s probably the catchiest term in the meteorologist’s lexicon, El Niño. This global phenomena may not directly cause weather extremes in our corner of the world, but it certainly can tip the scales in favor of them.

So what is El Niño and when will we see it again? In some years, warmer than normal water pools in the eastern Pacific Ocean near South America while normal water temps remain near Indonesia and Australia. This is an El Niño event. A La Niña event is nearly opposite with warmer waters in the west (Indonesia) and cooler waters in the east (South America).

The greatest affects of El Niño are generally felt in winter. That’s when NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center believes it could return with full force. The most recent monthly forecast from the CPC states “chances of El Niño increase during the remainder of the year, exceeding 50% by summer.”

Marquette team wins $53,000 at international business plan competition

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FocalCast, a mobile app that allows users to wirelessly present PowerPoints from their tablet or smartphone directly to a display device, won the $50,000 Trailblazer Capital Start-up Entrepreneur Investment Prize and the $3,000 Gimmal Group Outstanding IT Prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition, currently the world’s richest and largest business plan competition.

FocalCast is a venture of Narsys LLC, a company founded by senior mechanical engineering major Devin Turner (who serves as CEO) and fellow engineering student and chief technology officer Charlie Beckwith. Nicholas Winninger, Narsys’ business analyst and Marquette MBA student, joined Turner and Beckwith at the competition.

“Faith has a role to play” in fighting crime in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee’s mayor and police chief are asking for help when it comes to curbing violence in the city.

Tuesday morning they addressed church goers and leaders in the faith community at the Milwaukee Ceasefire Sabbath Clergy Meeting and breakfast started with a prayer, which is appropriate for an event geared towards involving the faith community in the city’s anti-violence initiative.

“If you figure we have close to 2,000 police officers, sworn officers on the street, if we have a 150 or 200 members of the clergy who are really working as a cavalry that’s helpful,” explained Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

While Mayor Barrett is optimistic about whom the faith community can reach and what they can do to further the cause, he’s not naive about it.

New MPS superintendent could be named Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee School District may announce on Tuesday, April 22nd who will be the next superintendent.

The district is looking for a new person to fill the role after Dr. Gregory Thornton took a job in Baltimore. Thornton served as MPS superintendent for four years.

The announcement on a successor could come at the MPS School Board meeting set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.

Members of inaugural Mobile Bike Hub class snag summer jobs

Members of inaugural Mobile Bike Hub class snag summer jobs

by Kelly Meyerhofer, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

What started out as a couple of high school students helping Jorian Giorno patch some bicycle tires last summer turned into an idea for a full-fledged program.